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    live your life to the fullest...


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    live your life to the fullest... Empty live your life to the fullest...

    Post  darkchocolate on Wed May 27, 2009 8:50 pm

    i just came back from my cousins dad's funeral,it was also very really sad too because it was my first ever funeral EXTRA sad because my dad lost another one of his best mate who also left his children behind, but what was also sad was that my cousins mum wasn't there to comfort her children i mean i know she was in another country and all but its still her children plus the youngest dosen't even know whats going on (his in Nigeria).As i was at the funeral i was thinking how life was short ,my lil bro also talked about how his gonna take his life seriously.I wish them all the best in life i really do.
    I'm seriously scared whats gonna happen in the future well only god knows what he'll do with my life lol i'm scared to death i dont want to die but HEY thats life we cant stay here forever.

    But have you ever thought about making the most of life or ever thought about anything like this at all?

    2009 is a cursed year i tell ya!

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